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Story: I always like to show a couple of images in a particular category and this shoe caught my eye as a nice counterpoint to the very masculine orange basketball shoe. When I saw the air soul I immediately knew I wanted to have it floating on a cloud. I often admire photographers who build little surreal sets and make models to use in their shots and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do it myself. I also had this great idea that I would do a 360 degree product turn around. So after a bit of frustration with the reflections in the plastic soul and supporting the cloud in a way that I could easily retouch out I set about shooting 22 images while slowly rotating it on a lazy susan. I spent another day or so retouching all 22 images so that they matched perfectly from frame to frame and assembling the sequence. At about 3 in the morning on Sunday I realized I had made a mistake in the turnaround and there was no way to fix it. I had returned the shoe so it wasn't around to reshoot and even if it was I had no great aspiration to spend another day retouching another 22 images. So what was the mistake? The axis of rotation wasn't perfectly centered on the shoe. It meant that the shoe was subtly orbiting around a point in space. Lame.

I did a little meditation and released any anger at myself for getting it wrong before I got to work choosing a single frame and making it perfect. In the end I am bummed about the 360 degree view but I will do it for something else soon and the final shot for this is something I am really happy with.

Lighting: I am using 3 dynalite 2040 heads in medium softboxes. There is one over the shoe and one on the left and right. The lights on the sides are about 45 degrees off axis from the camera and angled at about 45 degree to the subject. All the softboxes are within just a few inches from the shoe in order to help with the reflections. If I owned really big softboxes I probably would have been able to back things up a bit but I don't so I had them close.
Date: 2012-12-04 20:48:02

canon247028l canon1dsmarkii composite dynalite2040 portland product running sports stilllife strobist

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Excellent work!
Tasosz 2012-12-05 18:50:11

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