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Fish at Large

Fish at Large
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The bettas have moved on up, a la the Jeffersons. I know they're advertised as your own little pet that you can more or less keep in a teacup, but that doesn't mean you have to.

These bowls are sold as bowls specifically for betta fish, so it's a wonder they only cost $5 and not $20, like some nearly-identical goldfish ones. They're glass, so when the bad day comes, I suppose they'll make sturdy planters or somesuch.

Anyway, what is also a wonder is that they're sold specifically as betta bowls when any self-respecting betta fish could leap right out the top. DUH. I hate Petco/Petsmart. (Not that many independents are much better.)

So, I found these soft plastic (I know it looks like hard plastic, but that's an illusion) "lily pads" for pond decor on another aisle and am using them as covers. There is a slit on the top for air plus air comes in around the edges. (And again, it's soft plastic, so more holes could be easily cut.) I'm rather pleased with this solution.

The so-called betta bowls didn't come with any gravel or plants. I got these plants and cut the tops off - they're swishy and much nicer than the hard, spiky things that came with the old betta habitats. The gravel I got on the non-betta aisle where it was $6 or so for a 10 lb. sack, as opposed to the 2 lb. sack version of the very same product sold for $3 or $4 on the betta aisle.

Their water needed topping off here, but see how Mr Jonathan (left) has begun such a lovely bubble nest? And see how Ursula is working on the same? Poor butch Ursula - challenging sexism in the aquarium one fin at a time. (Female bettas traditionally don't build bubble nests.)
Date: 2005-10-30 23:12:04

Mr Jonathan Ursula betta fish fish

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Your bettas r gr8 and the way u keep dem is simply fascinating. In how many litres of water r they actually in??? Mine is bit mor dan 1 gallon...4.5 litres, need 2 put a plastic lid 2!!!
iv_leodr 2008-09-06 12:44:38

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