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the dashboard cactus taunts bocce

the dashboard cactus taunts bocce
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Yesterday afternoon after the movers left my house in SF, I cleaned the apartment and then packed up my Beetle all the way to the roof with the stuff that was left. I didn't realize I had 2 huge boxes of shampoo, conditioner, hair product, facial cleansers, and other assorted toiletries. And, I also had 2 brown paper bags of dry foodgoods. I also took a box of my photo albums myself (couldn't bear the risk of them being put on a huge truck with other people's stuff). Then there were random things almost forgotten, like a small magazine rack, bathroom throw rugs, and a few towels, and all my cactus plants. I didn't realize about the cactus, until the car was packed tight to the roof -- even the passenger seat. And so I wedged one of the heavy cactus planters between me and Bocce. She was sitting on a perch atop the plastic bag of clothes on the passenger seat. Bocce is nervous and thin-skinned/ thin-furred, and she had never been so tightly packed in a car so close to a cactus plant. The result of this was that as we were driving 80 miles per hour down the 5 in the dark, she would rearrange herself and get prickled by the cactus and jump and I would no-doubt be trying to drive, adjust the song on my iPod, answer a telephone call, and remove cactus needles from my whimpering dog. Somehow I succeeded on all fronts simultaneously, but just barely.

Also, I somehow "forgot" 2 cases of wine from Napa and Sonoma in the garage and a $125 bottle of champagne in the fridge. (Well it wouldn't possibly have fit into the car with me even if I had remembered -- I drive a VW Beetle convertible.) Ric and Sye -- please save it for me and don't drink it!! Love, (your sweet former housemate who cleaned all the rooms for you), Jess
Date: 2005-10-19 16:20:42

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What a poignant picture! I hope the move is seamless and smooth!
brown digestion 2005-10-20 00:45:43

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