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The strive for design perfection extends even to packaging. The box is a piece of art itself.

Removing the luxurious brown outer layer (which, incidentally, contains real wood) reveals the soft, blue-hued protective fluff. Other manufacturers use ad-hoc, ugly blocks of plastic foam to protect their product. Not Dell! The thing is perfectly shaped to let the computer fit snugly inside and to optimally shield it from hostile effects in its environment. It is amazing that it also succeeds at making a strong design statement of its own. The blue color rhymes perfectly with the inlay around the 8600's keyboard; it is a marriage of form and purpose. I admit I did not throw away these two amazing objects, but keep them on my desk on a small marble pedestal.

The actual equipment itself is lovingly hand-wrapped inside a smooth, thin layer of film that is almost entirely transparent and does a good job of revealing the understated Dell logo that is considered a mark of desire in today's road warrior community.
Date: 2005-02-08 22:21:52

dell notebook unpacking

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