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Royce Bitter Nama Chocolate

Royce Bitter Nama Chocolate
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Royce Bitter Nama Chocolate with a dusting of cocoa powder.

This excellent and fresh granache-type chocolate (in English, in Japanese) is normally available only in selected shops throughout the city of Sapporo in the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Apparantly they are also available at Takashimaya department stores in Japan.

So good and rich are these chocolates that it wouldn't look out of place to plate up a single square as a serving for dessert.

At the Mitsuwa Hokkaido Products Festival, the chocolates were kept under constant refrigeration, as it must be kept under 10 degrees C. Apparently this product was originally available only at Chitose Airport in Sapporo during the winter months alone.

Like most Japanese products, this one was beautifully wrapped. From the outside there was a neat paper wrap, inside of which is the box you see here, inside of which was an information sheet and a sealed plastic envelope, inside of which was a 2-part plastic tray, which inside was a plastic wrapped plastic pick, which was on top of a sheet of plastic film which protected the chocolates below.

Also available during the festival were freshly made nama wagashi from Hokkaido, traditional "raw" (fresh) Japanese confections.

Royce Bitter Nama Chocolate
puchased at:
Hokkaido Products Festival
Mitsuwa Market
San Diego, CA
Sept. 11, 2005
Date: 2005-09-12 17:23:41

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