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Soap, of course

Soap, of course
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And, inside, four pieces of soap. A real delight!
Date: 2009-07-16 22:24:24

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oh my days!!! This is sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!! Great idea xxxxxxxx
sincere eyes 2009-07-17 04:57:57
Great! any info about it?
galessa's plastics 2009-07-17 06:49:06
No, galessa, I have nothing on this.
I had two but gave one to a friend of mine, a member of th PHS, who collected only plastic portable soap dishes/boxes. So, apart from this I have no soap dishes! It has a 60's Biba look to it. But it also has a 'living hinge' (polypropalene?) and I'm not sure if that was in use then.
midcenturydesign 2009-07-17 14:12:33
oh, yes, this kind of construction was made since the 1950s in Polyethylene (your Polythene) or polypropylene.
galessa's plastics 2009-07-17 18:44:28
Congratulations, E x c e l l e n t!
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CengiZ Aßi 2009-07-17 19:50:24
who designed this? If it's you, contact me. please. :-)
creagency 2009-07-17 23:57:59
Mmmm, I'd like to say I did! But, no I didn't. In fact I have no idea who designed it.
midcenturydesign 2009-07-18 00:37:47
just way too good. I'm humbled.
Jeremy Levine Design 2009-07-18 10:59:50
Wow, that is really cool.
gamy offer 2009-07-20 01:41:06
holy COW, that's cute!
discreet boundary 2009-07-21 23:56:48
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Strictly Design, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Be.De.Lite 2009-08-07 02:34:45
ahhhh i love it too, so cool
*Katch* 2009-10-23 22:12:06
Great! Great! Great!
.:prisci:. 2009-12-16 17:05:32
I would love to have one of these! Where, oh where can I purchase one? Fantastic!
Lula Lola 2010-04-12 08:42:52
That is cool!
Soapbuddy 2010-10-16 04:04:23
I have one of these also the was also a larger one call 'The Bean'. I got both of mine about 30 years ago, so I doubt if they are still being made...
fanthom1966 2011-01-30 17:04:30

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