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Love at first sight

Love at first sight
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When I first laid my eyes upon a Nikon D90 fitted with a 50mm f/1.8 AF-D Prime, I went catatonic, speechless at the curvaceous beauty. My goal ever since was "I got to own a setup like that no matter what". After months of tedious saving, menial errands for money and what not, I was close that I can almost touch it, but still at least 10K short of the current market price. So I called upon one of my awesome sisters, exploited the currency trend of the international market (when the AUD was at an all time low against the BDT) and brought home my bride of heat-treated plastic and magnesium alloy. The 50mm was a later addition, once again funded by my alter ego of "Scrooge McDuck".

For the first time (or perhaps the 32nd) in my life, I'm complacent.

But for how long?


# Taken with an equally deserving Nikon product, the Nikon D40, my previous hombre in crime, and its legendary AF-S 18-55mm f/3.4-5.6 EDII Kit Lens, which I'm also lucky enough to own. The camera-body will soon be up for sale though. Also note that, this is the natural "Violet Tint" seen during the twilight hours, no color correction involved.

PS: I know many would argue that I'm going a bit too ga-ga over gears...the truth is, I'm not. I've reached my limit for the time being and I'm all out of funds this time.
Date: 2005-04-21 15:05:12

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me too !!!
~KaKTaRuA~ 2009-05-22 20:35:55
ah well,and here i was thinking after reading the title that at last cupid had successfully struck Brian Shaler's AutoSmile for Flickr
dream_maze 2009-05-22 20:45:34
he he he...what a title atunu....& ya, me too love with Nikon
Shayannho [away] 2009-05-22 21:03:36
aww, congrats sweetie. Enjoy!!! =)
story.teller 2009-05-22 21:18:51
Rakhal Cheley 2009-05-22 21:18:54
yay Nikonians, I know how you feel - I took my next day off from work when I got my D40x.

congrat!! D90 is a sexy beast!! haha I love you tag "camera porn"

btw D40 is legenday - do you really want to sell it?
Kazi Shanto 2009-05-22 21:30:27
তুই বিয়ে করলে বউ-এর যে কি হবে!! Brian Shaler's AutoSmile for Flickr
udvranto pothik 2009-05-22 22:52:47
That thing looks HOT
Ishtiaque? 2009-05-22 22:58:18
Wish you and your camera a great successful togetherness !
sytoha / Syed Touhid Hassan 2009-05-23 00:10:42
Nikon D40 is great. This one too.
~~ `Nostalgia' ~~ 2009-05-23 00:39:58
thats HOT

Seen in the group"Nikkor" (?)
r3g 2009-05-23 07:34:07
Congrats fellow D90 fan! ^^
TMAB2003 2009-05-23 11:25:23
can't wait to get my hands on the 50-1.8 :)
TMAB2003 2009-05-23 11:27:59
i hate you with all my heart. =D

but this indeed is a complete beauty.
tasteful recess 2009-05-24 00:01:39
love at first site till you get the new one! wish you happy hunting with this one....:) keep up the good work!
Shaian 2009-05-25 21:53:51
nice indeed.
The Crownless King 2009-05-26 21:36:14
Hey, a 50 that autofocuses, finally.

I'm sold over to manual glass (I think that 35mm you had was a splendid piece, though I did love my 50 f/1.8 AIS better) and thus I might actually find myself getting a D5000 instead of a D90. I like my pre-AI glass a lot.

Of course, if the D90 *can* mount my Nikkor 28 f/3.5, a D90/D300 becomes something I'd have to start begging/scavenging/living on the dark side for, again.

Congrats - you now have a body truly worthy of envy.
Ifty Amin 2009-05-28 13:02:45
My next target a D90. Sexy or something else!!
rabiulis 2009-05-28 17:58:21
When do we see this in use!? :D
TMAB2003 2009-05-30 03:13:29
NIKON rules!!
Tanzil Tafheem (Busy) 2009-05-30 15:09:34
According to many reviews D90 is a mind blowing machine... a beauty in the guise of a beast.. one of the finest pieces of photographic equipment... I can feel your thrill Atunu... I was similarly thrilled with my first 5D 3 years ago..

I love how you guys do this Canon/Nikon thingy... reminds me of Mohammedan/ Abahoni rivalry..... :)
aftab. 2009-06-29 13:52:10
nice setup. the D90 is a superb workhorse and a beauty as well.
waldflucht™ 2009-07-10 03:14:31
Ideas_R_Bulletproof 2009-07-14 20:10:48
Proud to be a Nikonian.... loved the title ....

Seen on your photo stream. (?)
- Ariful H Bhuiyan - 2009-07-19 14:29:39
I want one :(
`shmeetes 2009-08-05 14:44:46
Enjoy it Naser... I had the same thrill when I got my Leica M6 with 50mm Summilux lens from a guy on Ebay. He lived in Switzerland but was visiting UK for a holiday.... so we met up in Oxford and did the deal. Never looked back.
*monz* 2009-08-06 02:07:25
NIKON rokz.........but Im more than a happy man with my Nikkor 50mm f/1.2, my little third eye............................

D90 is something special ... (though Im not gonna buy this ... but ROYENA is becoming too crazy for this......lolz.....)

S'uhas [ BAT out of HELL ] 2009-08-13 02:18:18
just gorgeous
iceslice 2009-08-24 05:08:50
aah!! me too. waiting for the 50 f1.8.

and aftab bhai, well said man :)
Rezwan Razzaq 2009-10-17 14:35:14
Truly .......Love at first sight ..........
turjoy_chowdhury 2009-12-25 01:11:41
Oh my lord I want a D90 SO BAD... but I just gotta keep saving.

Though I think I'm going to splurge for the delicious 50mm lens for reals!

Also, loving that violet light <3
Harukio 2010-10-20 06:28:25
Tondra_acchonno 2011-01-26 02:36:50
This photograph is great :D
M.s. Niloy 2012-01-24 00:01:18
That is superb!... :)
rifatrafi 2013-07-12 02:55:09

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