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Z Corp

Z Corp
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I was all about Z Corp last year when I heard about them and then got a free sample part in the mail, and then talked to the guy who called me back for about 2 hours, hitting him with questions, making him feel I was about to buy one. Then this year dimension (see the beginning of this set) brought their ABS plastic wire-based unit and put it right up front by the doors, and that got me even more excited, because they didn't have to be post-treated with something to make them non-brittle, there was no messy powder, the parts were hard as kid's toys and ready to be used in whatever application, etc.

What Z Corp still has going for its printers is the full-color cross-sectional stuff. You can see in their newest model there on the right the CMYK injket tanks, and that's exactly what this is. It's an inkjet printer that alongside of printing the current cross-section's layer of powder with full color, also sprays down the hardener that fuses the cross-section together. I believe they even worked with a major supplier, like Epson, to make certain the ink was readily available and easily replaceable. Neat.

This is the new Spectrum Z510 model, which wasn't around last year, and also unlike last year, it was operational and printing, at 2x the previous model's resolution! I watched later as 4 miniature heads of Nefertiti were being printed. The rake would push a thin layer of powder over the last cross section's work, fading it out behind a thin whiteness, and then the printhead would rush over in very rapid zamboni-strokes, leaving behind darkened strips of hardener-saturated powder, and outlining the bust edges each pass in color. You don't have to print the center portion, of course, just the edges, and when you pull out the finished piece, the skin of the model is photographically rendered in full color. Double neat.
Date: 2005-08-04 05:38:50

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It's so nice!
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