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Windsong Heights- Hill

Windsong Heights- Hill
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For our project, we have made a Reusable H2O Mouse Drinking Fountain or Project Pickleś house
Our materials consist of the handy cardboard pieces you sent us, hampster cage, a juice box straw, plastic capsule, soil, tape, duct tape, plant and filter system.
Our filter system consists of white glue, a capsule and straw to
Create a mini soil filter system .
How does it work? You may ask
Well, here is how it works. First of all, you water the plant with about 1 cup of H2O, it goes down through the soil of the plant, and the extra water is filtered and placed into the mouse’s water bowl through our homemade filter system.
What inspired this, you ask?
Well, Emily watched a renovation project show when a project just like this one was mentioned, but with fish. She suggested this idea in our seventy minute thinking period.
How does this help around and make your classroom better?
We’ll tell you how! You remember when all the cool classrooms had class pets? This would be their type of product. It enables the classroom to keep a small class pet, a beautiful flower or plant of any kind,while saving water, energy, and in class time, which in older times, teachers would send their pupils to water the garden or feed the class pet,taking up valuable learning time.
We all pitched in to make project Pickles’ House
Thank you for reading and taking time to consider our class bettering invention.
Date: 2018-01-04 02:26:10

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