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story: smart one

story: smart one
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weight watchers smart ones mac n cheese: an office prole's review

first and foremost, smart ones, i would just like to say that you were indeed a convenient meal option--when a girl can't stand her job so much that she leaves only one and a half hours into her day to buy crappy-headphones-that-would-drown out-the-office-space-sound-clusterfuck, you were the ideal purchase.

however, i am unfortunately convinced that your self-appellation is indicative of the aforementioned and only the aformentioned feature of convenience.

upon delicately removing you from your corrugated packaging, i noticed that your plastic tray had a slight bend in it. surely, this was a clever device to promote ventilation. ergo, i put you in the microwave and went about my editing of horrible internet job postings.

when i returned to collect you from appliance daycare, you had peed milky velvetta snot all over your plate. did you shower in homestyle orange juice out of spite? again, smart ones, i tried to be forgiving--i decidedly picked you up, brought you back to my half-cell, and sampled your runny contents. smart ones, i must say that i am thoroughly disappointed--certainly, the title smart ones was created by the most sarcastic product developer known in existence. i just wasted $2.50 on an eye booger festival of yellowgreen cheese noodles. smart one. real smart one.
Date: 2005-05-27 04:45:18

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i will never eat again
zombie sitcom 2005-07-20 17:04:57
I just ate some of that mac & cheese... I agree. Its discusting.
pacfolly 2006-07-25 02:08:25

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