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Elsa Limited Edition 17'' Doll - LE 2500 - Frozen - US Disney Store Purchase - First Look - Deboxed - Lying Down - Cape Opened and Dress Closed - Closeup Rear View of Cape - Central Snowflake

Elsa Limited Edition 17'' Doll - LE 2500 - Frozen - US Disney Store Purchase - First Look - Deboxed - Lying Down - Cape Opened and Dress Closed - Closeup Rear View of Cape - Central Snowflake
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Elsa is now freed from the backing, but is still attached to the plastic spacer on her back, and the doll stand. She is stood up, and we start to undo the various fasteners attaching her to the spacer. The most difficult to remove are the T-Tabs tacking the back of her head to the spacer. First we remove the tape over the ends of the T-Tabs on the inside of the spacer. Then we cut the T-Tabs. Then the rubber bands around her arms are removed, and the spacer can be removed from her back. The remaining posts of the T-Tabs in her head are cut, and the adhesive cap on her head carefully peeled off. There is still a wire wrapped around her waist, which is removed after opening up the back of her dress. We take the opportunity to look at the stamping of the edition number and size in her lower back: #102 of 2500, which matches the numbers of the Certificate of Authenticity. With the wire removed, the dress can now be closed back up. We then start removing the remaining T-Tabs that are keeping the dress from being fully opened up to its full extent. Then she is freed from the doll stand, and laid down to see the full extent of her dress and cape.

Deboxing my LE 2500 Elsa 17'' Doll. First the front cardboard box lid is removed, revealing the doll behind a clear plastic cover. Next the bottom box lid is removed, then the plastic cover removed, leaving the doll in the open, but still attached to the cardboard backing. Now she can be photographed without the glare from the plastic cover. Between the plastic cover and the bottom of the cardboard backing is the Certificate of Authenticity. My doll is #102 of 2500. Then the plastic T-Tabs tacking the dress to the bottom of the backing are cut, freeing the dress, and allowing the bottom flap to be folded down. We can now see the clear base of the doll stand, and Elsa's shoes. Raising her skirt shows that there is a wire tying her legs to the doll stand. Her shoes are same snowflake design as the Harrods, except that the color is a plainer blue, without the iridescence or silver paint making it look metallic. Like the Harrods Elsa, she has fixed angled feet, so she looks elegant in her high heels. We take a look at her eyelashes, which are slightly messy, especially on her left (our right).

Notes on the back of the LE Elsa's box:

From the Movie Disney Frozen

Disney Store proudly presents the worldwide Limited Edition Elsa doll. With its intricate details, this beautifully designed doll magically captures the beauty and spirit of Elsa, from Disney's newest feature film Frozen. Inspired by the movie, Elsa's side-swept braid is adorned with intricate snowflake jewels. Sheer organza sleeves lead to a sweetheart bodice and an elongated sheer dress overlay. Shimmery ice-blue snowflake embroidery and rhinestones embellish her gorgeous gown. Designed and carefully crafted by Disney Store artists, this limited edition doll is a must-have for Disney fans and collectors alike.

Certificate of Authenticity and Display Stand included.

First look at the Limited Edition Anna and Elsa 17'' Dolls, that I purchased from the Disney Store on the release day, November 20, 2013. The dolls are LE 2500, and cost $99.95 each. They will be photographed boxed, during deboxing, and fully deboxed. They will also be posed with other comparable dolls, especially the Harrods LE 100 Anna and Elsa dolls.

Product information from the US Disney Store website:

Elsa Limited Edition Doll - 17'' - Frozen
Released online and in store on November 20, 2013
SOLD OUT online in 12 minutes
Item No. 6070040900950P

Ice dream
Elsa will provide chills of excitement with this spectacular limited edition doll. Designed and crafted by Disney Store artists, and inspired by Disney's Frozen, Elsa's side-swept blonde braid cascades over her finely detailed gown.

Magic in the details...

Please Note: Each Guest will be limited to ordering a maximum of one of this item per order.

• Limited Edition of 2500
• Includes Certificate of Authenticity
• Sheer organza sleeves
• Sweetheart bodice detailed with reflective ''icicles''
• Elongated sheer dress overlay
• Gown detailed with shimmery ice-blue snowflake embroidery, and rhinestones
• Braided blonde hair is adorned with intricate snowflake jewels
• Rooted eyelashes
• Fully poseable
• Display stand included
• Comes in elegant window display packaging
• Inspired by Disney's Frozen

The bare necessities

• Ages 6+
• Plastic /polyester
• 17'' H
• Imported
Date: 2013-11-24 12:05:41

US Disney Store LE2500 Frozen Doll Product Information Purchase First Look Limited Edition Release Elsa 17 Inch Posable Deboxing

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